Folder Poster/Image issues. READ


I have a TV Series folder and in that I have all 7 seasons of Futurama, I’ve finally managed to get he metadata for all the episodes.

The folder labelled Futurama has a poster that is fine as it’s generic, within the folder are 7 further folders labelled season 1-7. The problem is that the season folders are all poster’d the same, I would like to apply my own images (the posters from each season)

I’ve read that changing the labelled of the JPG to exactly the same as the file will work. This hasn’t worked, probably because this is a folder poster not file. I know that, at the moment the season folders are showing poster image of what’s in it, but it is this I want to change.

Any help?

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Just for the sake of answering, I think that if you create a season folder, and put a new image in that, named folder.jpg, then you would show a new image for that season.  I’d assume that it would work the same for each episode - put the episode in its own folder and put an image in that folder named, folder.jpg.

This has been discused many times before.

If your folder/file structure is like this:

Furturama (folder)

      Season 1 (folder)

           Furturama.S01E01.mkv (or what ever extension)



And you are using the internal scraper to gather your metadata/thumbs (and your file thumbs are "filename.metathumb), then your Season folder thumb needs to be named “1.metathumb” or what ever it needs to be named to make it first in the list.

If you are using an external scraper or adding the thumbs manually (and your file thumbs are “filename.jpg”), then just use “folder.jpg” for your folder thumbs.

For folders and files, .metathumbs and .jpgs can’t coexist, you have to use one or the other and if you have .metathumbs for your files, then you have to use .metathumb for your folder and it has to appear first in alphanumeric order.