Folder pooling or spanning for TV Live

i’m trying to figure out a way to have a single list of movies in the videos menu. i have four 2tb drives wtih mkv bluray rips. they drives are in an external 4 bay enclosure via esata to the windows home server 2011 machine. i can share the folders individually in whs and then include them in My Media Library on the TV live. is there any way to see just one folder instead of 4?

i know i can use addins like drivebender and diskpool within whs 2011, but i’d rather do it on the wd tv live as i am not a fan of 3rd party apps. i could go to a raid enclosure, but not sure how i could get the media off the drives as not to destroy the data.

any help would be appreciated. the only thing i can come up with is wait till windows server 2012 comes out as it has the functionality to pool drives from what i’ve read.

thanks in advance

Not sure about this one dude

depending on how you sort the files it might show all the files or the folder structure

what firmware are you running on the WD TV ?