Folder pictures - aaaargh!

OK, after having a question answered yesterday regarding having my own pictures appear as folder icons, i am now having a problem changing some of them!

I have labelled my folders:

Dad - with a pic of me!

Mum - pic of Mum

Kid 1 - pic of kid 1

Kid 2 - pic of kid 2

and inside each folder are our own movies, some broken down into sun folders - it is the sub folder pics i am having trouble with.  With me so far?!

Dad folder has sub folders which i have added “Get content info”  However, the saved folders pictures all default to the alphabetical movie.  I have added my own folder pic and named it “folder.jpg”, “1folder.jpg”, named it the same as one of the saved folders, so “saved movies.jpg” - nothing works.

I have even deleted the first movie (12 Rounds) and the 12 Rounds movie jpg is still my folder icon!!!

If you understood all that, what have i done wrong?!

Thanks all!

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to change the folder icons, but it want change from the old icons even with the icons deleted. 

So, this is what you need to try.  First, add the new icon to your folder, it has to be named “folder.jpg”.  Then, from your PC open the “.wd_tv” folder on the HUB and you will see a folder named “thumb”.   Delete the “thumb” folder, then unplug the power cord from the HUB then plug it back in,

Once the HUB gets through compiling you should be able to see your new folder icons.

As Tinwarble mentioned.

Deleting the thumbs folder will force the hub to regenerate them upon turning on and browsing.

now I think if I am understanding your structure properly. This is how it needs to be.


    - Folder.jpg[folder image for Dad]

    - Movie1.avi

    - Movie1.xml

    - DadSubFolder1[folder]

            – Folder.jpg[folder image for DadSubFolder1]

            – Movie2.avi

            – Movie2.xml

    - DadSubFolder2[folder]

            – Folder.jpg[folder image for DadSubFolder2]

            – Movie3.avi

            – Movie3.xml


    - Folder.jpg[folder image for Mom]

    - Movie1.avi

    - Movie1.xml

    - MomSubFolder1[folder]

            – Folder.jpg[folder image for MomSubFolder1]

            – Movie2.avi

            – Movie2.xml

    - MomSubFolder2[folder]

            – Folder.jpg[folder image for MomSubFolder2]

            – Movie3.avi

            – Movie3.xml

Yes, that worked sort of!  Instead of deleting the whole of the thumbs folder - i went to the thumbs folder, found the offending picture and deleted it.  Inserted my own folder picture inside the folder i wanted to change and upon reboot, my picture was displayed.

Thank you very much, but what  a long winded way to sort a simple folder picture change!

Hello All,

I bought my WD Live Hub on my recent trip to States, I am based in UK.

I am have a problem with visibility of Folders.

Yesterday, I selected the Folders View from the Menu, it worked.

Today I upgraded the FW on my WD Live Hub to the latest version 2.08.13.

Today the same Folders selection does not work.

I can see the Folders structure when I log via the Ethernet, but when in the Menu, I only see the 23 Sample photos.

I just did a DATAbase Rebuild via the Twonky server, but no joy.

My structure is very simple




______.jpg photos


______.jpg photos



______.jpg photos


______.jpg photos

 Any advice will be appreciated

Thank you for your help

CHeck the permissions on your folders…  Browse to the folder above the one in question, right click folder, properties, security.   

Make sure you have EVERYONE set to at least Read & Execute…     Or…just give it FULL CONTROL. 

I’ve notice that with the new firmware the hub scans the METATHUMB files in your folder first,so renaming the folder.jpg trick doesnt seem to fly anymore…to get the correct icon to display ,simply drop any jpg in the folder and go ahead and manually delete any METATHUMBS in that particular folder,restart your device ,and upon its first scan the HUB will not see the metathumbs anymore and use the first .jpg it sees…solved this thorny problem for me.

Just rmember if you use the GET INFO for a video in that folder again…guess what a METATHUMB is now generated with the new firmware,so you have to go ahead and delete it before your next shut down…really a pain in the arse,but it works!

Great fix.  I was about to post a new thread 'cause the folder.jpg thing wasn’t working for me.  I moved the .metathumb files to their own folder for quick access and did a restart.  Worked like a champ. Just have to remember to move the .metathumb’s out after new additions and I’m golden.

Thanks for the tip.


Spoke a little too soon.  This weekend I did some shuffling to get the rest of my movie in genre folders.  While a few did work out with the method stated two posts up not all did.  Subsequent work proved to be something of a **bleep** shoot.  Caching of thumbnails is still a problem and I had to remove the thumbs folder AND the .metathumb files AND do a restart.  This left me with no movie thumbs in the gallery view.  It was necessary to rescan each movie and then erase the .metathumbs AGAIN.  Now I have a clean thumb structure that I think can be maintained.

On a side note I have no thumbs in the other views.  It seems the hub needs the metathumbs to resolve each view and since I erased them before I went to the other views the hub had nothing to pull from.

Oh Yeah … this still needs to be fixed.


noob question here, i searched, but did not find what i was looking for.

the firmeware update 3 firemwares ago wiped out my thumbnails on my Video files.  I was having great luck with the get content info getting box art for my files.

All my video files are VOB and in folders with movie name, but now, get content info give me info but with no thumbs, 

help me please, i have tried everything i have read, nothing seems to get the box art for me.

My WDTV Live Hub is at 3.01.19 (for the moment) too and I’m using a network attached windows home server to store my movies.  I expect to roll-back to 2.07.17 soon in order to get mojo working better – But most of all to get the 5.1 audio channel back.  I’ve also noticed a loss of file structure on network shares (I can only see 5 movies in any folder).  I’m hoping this wasn’t the same in 2.07.17.

A trick I’ve used to get the movie backdrops, box art and movie info is to put each movie on my WD local HDU, let it find and add the appropriate files (it automatically adds one .XML file, one .backdrop file and one .metathumb file).  Then I move those 3 files to the directory on my server that contains the movie and wala I can see all the movie info and pictures from my WD while looking at my server.  Seems like a lot of trouble, but it may be immune to FW changes since it is gleaned by the WD itself.



hey wolfie,
neat little program out there called XML EDITOR…search these forums for a link…kudos to the programmer.
The editor will allow u to manipulate the xml you have already or generate a new one (including covers and backdrops).
RealLy easy to use and should solve the problem your having with your covers.
good luck

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tried the XM L editor, it actaully already has the box art in the xml file, it just wont show when browsing thru movies, i must be missing something, do i have to open the XML file and replace the jpg?


EDIT******never mind*****KUDOS Bclark

I figured it out, i had to rename .jpg files to same as FIRST .vob file and then “rescan info” inside WD live Hub, Box art is all good now

BTW, thanks for the XML editor,

ok wolf,
guess we gotta start from scratch…what theme ,view ,fw, etc are you using.Have you made any recent changes lately that might affect how your HUB is reading your information.How are your folders organized and what view are you using whle you browse your movies.
Hope i can help.

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