Folder Permissions using AD Users and Groups

I’ve seen several posts on this topic, but no one seems to be reporting the same problem I’m having.  When I use the Sharespace web tools, it shows my AD users and Groups, but it only shows the first 18 characters.  Since the domain name is close to 15 characters, I can’t see which user or group I’m adding.

Anyone else having this problem?  Anyone have a good work around?


       I’ve run into the same issue and the only workaround that I have found is to use the developer tools in IE8 or Firebug on FIrefox to actually disable the width of the selection boxes when I’m on that page.I hate bashing people on forums, but I think the WD developers got a little lazy and did not take the time to use “min-width” instead of “width”. 

I hope this helps,


p.s. - If anyone can instruct me on how to get to these administrative pages, I’ll be happy to fix the code and post it on the forums. Thanks.

Thanks.  While that solution should work.  I’ve decided to return the unit because it doesn’t work as advertised.  WD support actually said to rename my domain to make it shorter so that everything would fit.  While this could be a great product for small businesses, it’s obvious WD isn’t intending this for more than the home user.