Folder Permissions issues with OSX?

When I create or copy anything to the network share, the permissions seem to be set to “No Access” for anybody but myself. When I login as other users they can see the top level of folders ok, but that’s it, just see it.  They all have restricted signs on them and can’t be opened.

If I log into the network share as a guest I can make folders and files to my heart’s content that anybody can access.  The folder permissions can’t be changed either, if I try to change them I’m ignored and they just change back.  So how can I change the permissions on the Volumes so others can actually access them?

So it seems my only option is to leave the whole thing public with no restrictions and everybody logging in as guest, or everybody logging in as me.

Same issue here. Investigating…

Whishing the help files did mention something about setting users and shares for the best scenario.

Has someone found a clue?

I’m having exactly the same issue. Was extremely impressed at first with the permission options for folders and users UNTIL I created subfolders. The permissions for the root folders do not propagate to the subfolders and even though specific users were given full access to the root folder, they can only access files in the first level of that folder… any subfolders created are only accessible by its creator. It’s pretty ridiculous. Unless we make everything PUBLIC which defeats the purpose of having permission in the first place. Hope WD finds a solution to this asap.

Same issue over here.  I’ve contacted support.  Unfortunately I called on a weekend and the level of support they have to offer were stumped so they asked me to call during the week when they offer a more technical level of support.  I’ll update this thread when I get in touch with them.

I’ve experienced the same trouble with my brand spanking new MBW and so I can only lend you the benefit of this particular newbie’s limited knowledge thus far.

You can change the read/write permissions by logging onto the MBW via the browser interface (depends what IP your router has assigned it but just for example with my Netgear router I put in the address Once there, if you click on the Advanced tab, follwed by Users and Folder Share Permissions, you can change the permissions from “public” to then grant other users “Full Access”

However this does not solve the problem of being able to access any sub-folders that you create and so far, the only means I’ve discovered of being able to access sub-folders created by another user is to go back to Finder, click on “Go” and then “Connect to server” and enter the address of your MBW as smb://… So for example mine is still called MyBookWorld and the sub-folders I want access to are in a folder I created called Various, thus the address I put in is smb://MyBookWorld/Various my laptop requests my user name and password and then when I connect I can access everything in Various

I’d be delighted if anyone here can advise all of us of a simpler/quicker method as one of the main reasons for getting the MBW was so that both my wife and I could store all our music, photos, movies etc on the MBW and both have access and keep plenty of spare memory on our laptops, but if she has to go through this palaver everytime she wants to store/access I file, I can’t honestly see her being bothered with it

Meanwhile I sincerely hope this is of some help

Kind Regards