Folder Permissions & CD has no text on buttons. New unit

I purchased my World Book II White 2 TB Nas device a few days ago and already have problems, they are

  1. The CD that came with the device has text on the buttons but my system won’t display the text. I have read other posts about this but do not recall seeing an answer on how to resolve this issue. Any ideas?

  2. I have read other posts on this issue as well. I logged into my WD device as admin and have created a user on my device. I had the system automatically create the folder for this user. I’m using a user ID that is not on any other windows machine. When I try to access the folder on my network through windows explorer I get the following error:

\MYBookWorld\username is not accessable. You might not have permission to use the network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions

Network access is denied.

I have tried to call WD about the issue and was told I would receive a call back withen the hour, That was three hours ago.

Has anyone else run into this problem and if so how do you fix it?

Thanks for the help

and had the software create it’s own share folder. When I try to access this folder o

  1. it sounds like you are on W7, ignore the CD and try to manually install it by typing [\mybookworld](file://%5C%5Cmybookworld) (Or [\itsIPaddress](file://%5C%5CitsIPaddress)) on the search bar when you click on start, then right-click the shares you want and select “map network drive”.

  2. Same as above, you’ll get all of your shares when you try to access the root, but sometimes you can’t access private shares until you disconnect the MBW from the Ethernet cable and the power adapter to refresh it.