Folder Organisation

Is there a best practise or recognised order that folders should be in.  At the moment I have films in the root as well as in other folders (for dvd vob files), then piccys in another folder and music in another.  However it would be nice if they were not seen by the other menu’s.  ie when in movies i dont see the piccys, or music etc.

all and any advice would be very appreciated.



This is a gripe of mine, as well. What’s the point of a UI that has different media categories when they all display the same contents?

try changing the content source from internal to all…

it’s the red button on the remote, also you can change the way you navigate through your content… with I think the green button

thanks for the replies, as a second thought, is there a way of setting a default view for each of the menus?  ie folder view for films, file view for music etc?