Folder name changed

Ive renamed a folder that has shared sub folders, ive got the shares running as normal but now the sub folders have a number 2 after them, all ive done is change the main folder name not the sub folders, how do i get this back to normal, ive reset login info, rebooted the device and it still sees them as “foldername2”, this is really annoying, any help would be appreciated

Did you clear the Media Library?

this is file mode, these folders arent in the media library as i didnt mention it in my original post

When you’re in FILE mode, press the RED button and make sure you are where you think you are.

i know where i am because i dont go to the video tab, i go to the files tab, media library isnt even selected, i only use that for movies not for everyday tv episodes, i never added those 2 odd  folders to the media library because theres no need


lee71 wrote:


…and what’d you do?

had to rename the 2 odd folders to something totally different, reboot the smp and let it pick up the new folders up, then rename them back to their original names, reboot the smp and it worked, must of been some sort of naming conflict even though i never touched them in the first place, it was the container folder i changed but least its sorted now, cheers