Folder Metadata in Latest Firmware

In case anyone hasn’t figured this out yet, you can still apply metadata to folders in the lastest firmware. To do this, I copied a true avi file into my Movies folder and scanned for info. I then removed that temporary avi file, created a folder in the Movies folder and named it the same as the avi file I had scanned for. Then cleaned up the metathumb and created a .jpg file with the same name as the new folder as well. Metadata and thumbs are now showing correctly for the folders. Does anyone know a way to keep folders in alphabetical order along with video files instead of displaying ahead of video files?

Thanks for sharing…


Read this with interest, but did not work for me. Just thinking about it, do I have to name the folder with an extension ? i.e A folder named “movie.mp4” I just named the folder the same as the movie, in normal way i.e no ext.

Back to your Question I use playlist, that way can get video’s or folders in any order that you wish.