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Hi, quick question

Today I changed all my jpg extensions to metathumb because I was sick of the folder thumbnails sometimes working and sometimes not.  This included tv episode thumbnails, movie thumbnails, and folder.jpg files.  However, after deleting the .wdtv thumb cache and rebuilding the media library the folder.metathumb files do not always display the expected image.

Is the hub using the first metathumb-format file in place of how folder.jpg worked, or should folder.metathumb do the trick?  If so, is there an expected filename or do I just have to make sure that the file comes before all other files alphanumerically  (ie 00000000001.metathumb)?

Thank you all.

Read the very last post on this page, maybe it will help you.

It was found by using the search box and searching for “metathumb”. If this doesn’t help try the search as there is a lot of info about metathumbs around here. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


(ie 00000000001.metathumb)?

Don’t quote me … im pretty sure it should be 1.metathumb


Because movies with metathumbs like



will precede 00000000001.metathumb  (according the numerical listing)

so, in that example … You’re gonna get the thumb for “300” (The Movie) for your folder and not your “00000000001” metathumb.

I am going to try the method suggested in the link provided above - !folder.metathumb

same thing … a "Char Symbol "  eg. # , @ , %  precedes a alpha numeric number … followed by the alphabet

guess what happens if you have a movie called   !action.metathumb

it will precede !folder.metathumb


!  first then followed by alphbetical listing a (is 1st in that example)