Folder in WD ext Drive disappeared and new folder "c-backup" showed up


in advance Thank you for the Help.

I had a folder called “ANA” in My WD ext Drive with Mostly pictures that disappeared and new folder “c-backup” showed up with a sub folder called “ANA” but when I try to access the subfolder it gives me the following error “F:\c-backup\ANA is not accessible Access Denied” I have tried the Following but i still cannot find my folder.

Data Recovery with testdisk-6.14

Showed hidden files and folders

Please help! Thank you!

Looks like you did a backup with a software that erased the files

try to see if the attributes can be changed on the files properties

otherwise using a recovery software to retrieve the files is the only option

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Thank you, I found my files for some unknown reason Northorn tried to do a back up it was never completedI found them in a shared drive.