Folder in Browser not shown up

By Webaccess with the pc (win10) subfolders (if more than 30) are not displayed. i am using Edge or Chrome. If I do the access by mobile android all folders are shown. Whta can causes this?
best regards Markus

Its a well complained about issue when using the web portal with Chrome and Edge. One workaround is to try another web browser like FireFox. Another workaround is to do what is suggested in this post, change the browser zoom level to 80%:

In some rare cases one may need to instruct the My Cloud unit to rebuilt it’s content database. Access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access. Click on Configure, then select Rebuild next to Content Database.

Hi Bennor
Thanks for your respond. After rebilding the database the folder did show up in IE and Chrome but not in Edge. Like this I can easily work now. Thanks Markus