Folder icons

Hey guys,

i just got my ex2. I am trying to change the folder icons but it´s not working for.

So i began searching the forum and found a post that linked to this article:

I tried this but i failed too. I was not able to add the “s”-attribute to the nas folders. So i began searching for the reason why i can´t give the folders the “s”-attribute. After some hours i found the reason why it´s not working. Samba defaults setting don´t allow adding the “s”-attribute to folders. You have to edit the config file and add:

map system = yes

So i added this line and restarted the ex2. After the restart it was still not working. So i checked the Samba config again.

The added line wasn´t in it anymore. I checked the time when the config-file was edited the last time. This was during the restart. So the system had to change it automatically.

So now my question: How can i force the change to stay or is there an other way to use custom folder icons?

Hi  Hoori,

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Let’s see if some of the users can provide you some information on how to do that.

Samba config file changes are picked up automatically within a few seconds…no need to reboot EX2. If for some reason the changes aren’t picked up after a couple minutes, you can always kill the Samba service and start it again, but in my experience that’s almost never needed. If you do reboot the EX2, entire /etc directory tree is recreated and thus you lose any Samba config changes, which is what you’ve seen already.