Hi. I have a 250GB passport but i cant open any folders. All the folders show up as icons and when i click on them i get a message “The item xufeyx.exe that this item refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut will no longer work properly”.

If i create new folders, they work ok. So i dont know what i’m doing wrong?anyone know something i dont?

Dude sorry to hear that,

I first of all scan your drive for viruses run Malwarebytes on it and if you have an antivirus I will also do that.

Also I will do a disk check and difrag on it. If this does not fixes the issue I will try to run a recovery software and see if you can repair the files.

Here are the supporting links:


Error Disk check:

WIndows XP:

WIndows 7:


Windows XP:

Widows 7:

Recovery software: