Folder Icons and Movie art - change them?

Hey all,

A couple of questions for you!  I am tweaking my hub and would like to know if this is possible:

a.  I have split my movies into seperate folders - Mum, Dad, Kid 1 and Kid A.  However, each folder has a picture of ONE of the movies inside that folder.  Is there any way i can change the folder to a picture of my choosing?

b.  I can use “get content info” for ripped dvds, ISO etc, but what about custom made DVDs?  I have authored 3 or 4 movies to one disc and obviously i cannot use “get info” - what can i do to make a thumb of the dvd?


a)   Absolutely.   Just put a file called “folder.jpg” INSIDE the folder.    That jpg file will then be used as the cover FOR that folder.

b)  Just create your own jpg file with a 2:1 aspect ratio (like 300 pixels tall by 200 wide) and name it exactly the same as the movie itself.


  For example:

My Home Movies.iso

My Home Movies.jpg

that jpg will then be used as the cover.

Yep, that did it!  Many thanks!