Folder icon shows in local but not on network

I just bought the WDTV Live streaming box… used to older WDTV player. All my movie folders have the folder.jpg file in it and shows correctly when I connect my HDD to the player… however, if I connect the HDD through USB to my Orange router (brand of router), no folder icons appear and the icon of each file within a folder has the Orange logo around it.

How can I get rid of the Orange logo? Will this allow the folder.jpg to appear on the network source just like it does if I connect the HDD directly to the WDTV Live Streamer.

Any ideas???

How are you connecting to this disc when it is plugged in to your router. Is it via network shares?

I guess so. My router has a USB entrance… so I can find the router, find the HDD, then folders etc… nowhere do I see any of my folder icons until I go into the last folder with the actual .avi filer and this icon is branded by the router brand Orange.

dontimothy wrote:

I guess so. 

No need to guess.  What mode is your WDTV in when you connect to the device?   “Network Shares” or “Media Server?”

It’s what you chose via the red button.

Hi Tony,

it is Media Server. It´s called Livebox Media Server as the router is called Livebox.

Any ideas?

Thank you for helping me…

can you connect via network shares? Does you disk show up?

No… Only my other wd tv live streamer appears there…