Folder icon now in middle of thumbnails

not happy that the thumbnail is now  being blocked w a folder icon right in the middle of the pic/thumbnail. now its hard to see what the thumbnail is. please set back to bottom right corner.

Same here. After updating to 1.04.10_V, the little  folder icon is in the middle of the folder thumbnails.

I tried resetting to factory settings and deleting .wd_tv folder on the USB drive but with no results.

wish the folder icon was 50% transparent and/or half the size it is now…but its not a biggie…

Yeah, that’s a UI bug in the XML or PNGs in the firmware.  I’ve noticed several other UI changes that don’t make any sense…

Agreed, very annoying after spending days doing the icons

I posted this problem in the New Firmware Release - Firmware Version 1.04.10_V  thread last night.

It looks terrible!

Hoping its a quick fix for WD

Same problem here, don’t they check these updates before putting them out.

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We’re aware of this and we’re working on it. Thanks for the bug report.


thank you.


Thank you very much for replying about this bug. I hope it will be fixed quickly. I have very carefully constructed thumbnails with genre names for playlists. The name ran diagonally from bottom left to top right. With this bug, none of the genre names are readable.

It would be very nice if the folder overlay could be turned off. If we cannot be given the option to turn it off then the ability to position it were we want it would be good. If that can’t be done, then putting it back to the way is was before would be OK.

Well, There should not be any icon if there is a thumbnail available, imo…

Yes I agree. There should also be an option to turn off the icon if we don’t want it (when I do folder.jpg pictures I don’t want an icon on top of it). At least if it is in the corner it is not too bad but allowing us not to display it would be even better!


Guy_K wrote:

We’re aware of this and we’re working on it. Thanks for the bug report.

What part is a bug: the presence or the position?

Even in the “right” position, folder icons are an eyesore on the Hub.  Please tell us you’re not migrating that “feature” to the Live units?  :(

Hope this gets fixed soon and its OBVIOUS, if i have a “folder” image there should NOT BE a folder icon on top of it…it looks so ugly.

i had to set preview mode.

This is SO annoying I can’t believe the firmware was even deemed ready for release.  Seems like WD takes two steps forward and one step back with every release.  I went back to 1.03.49.

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Oh, and I second the other posters: either give us an option to turn off the folder icon or just get rid of it completely.  If I’m browsing by folders do I really need to be reminded of that with every single folder?

is this problem fixed with new firmware?


No it is not fixed. I don’t understand why, it should be really easy to fix.

yes. i hated that change as well. glad it will be rectified. 

the idea of turning them off works for me as well, if they can figure out a way to make it work well.  i haven’t thought out the ramifications, so can say if it would really be a good thing.