Folder Hierarchy Question

I’m sure this is an easy fix but when I go into Videos (or photos, music) on the hub the first folder is always the WDLiveHubTV (or whatever the default share name is) so I have to go into that before seeing the folders I created for organizational purposes (Movies, TV, Sports, etc).  It creates an extra, uneccesary step that I’d like to eliminate.

How can I skip that first folder and get right to the Movies, TV, Sports?  Thanks!

You can’t skip that unless you rollback your firmware to 2.05.08 or below. On those firmwares, you can see the root directory of the drive upon opening the Videos (or Music, Photos). Beginning firmware 2.06.10, that extra folder is created.

Many ask about this, and everyone says the same thing-you can’t. Navigate through the mess until you see your folders, set them as favorites through the options menu. From the home screen, arrow down to the favorites screen and your folders will be there. One click and you are in.