Folder found.000

sometimes it appears a folder named found.000 in the internal hard drive of the hub. it is visible when I select the move/copy option but not in the “files” menu. if I check this folder using the pc via network I see it is empty even if I choose to show hidden and system files (in the properties the folder is 0 kb). I thought it was created by windows vista but after I deleted it I haven’t used the network for some days and it was recreated the day after… always empty… why is this folder created? there is a way to fix it? I’m using the latest firmware, maybe it’s a bug of this firmware version? I haven’t noticed any crash or problem using the hub so I don’t know why this folder is created… any suggestion?


 i’ve never gotten it on my internal drive, but i have folder.00 and folder.000 on my external drive no idea where they came from or what there for, also sort of interested if anyone knows? i’ve just ignored them lol

They are normally created by disk checking utilities. Not sure what they are doing on your hub?

yeah that was my guess too as i said they’re only on MY external 2TBV Western Digital Elements drive

Another thing is… Everytime i connect my 2tb external to my PC it tells me that it needs to scan for errors, every single time… Sometimes it finds some, but the majority of the time it doesn’t… any reason for this? is this normal

and a 3rd question i had is

I have a bunch of folders created due to this disk checking…

I have currently:




System Volume Information

Is there anyway i can hide these folders?

I have tried to go to properties and checked the hidden option, but it doesn’t hide them

I have my computer set to show all hidden files as i need it to be this way… is this why i cannot hide them? Is there someway to override this setting but just on a single folder or drive? So that i can see all hidden files on my PC, but on my K:\ drive (my external) not show the hidden files? is this possible?

so it is the hub that check the disk and create the folder? as I said it is not created by windows but by the hub and the folder is empty without any .chk file…

You probably want to just turn off the Recycle Bin function on that shared drive.

The System Volume Information folder is a hidden system folder that the System Restore tool uses to store its information and restore points. 

I’m not sure if one can exclude a shared drive from the System Restore points…