Folder / Drive Refresh


Just thought I would highlight an Idea I would like implemented.

There are lots of threads/Questions asking why Thumbnails can’t be seen after a change etc.

I would like to have an option whilst in Gallery view to refresh a Drive / Folder. If the point of this box is to view media, surely we should have a quick option to refresh a folder when we have a new file in it, having to compile a full media library when you have Gbs of data seems backward.

Please Vote if you would like this option as well.

I am sure that several Users will support your Idea.


I support this idea :wink:

Also, if possible, I would like to be able to mannually refresh the Media Library myself whenever I need to.

I am an advanced user and love to mess around inside the Hub (drive) by editing moviesheet xmls, replacing thumbnail jpgs, etc. This is why a manual refresh, or rebuild would be ideal for users like me who need to see their changes updated instantaneously.