Folder date when copied via network

Hello everyone,

could not find with search, thus let me ask.

I have WDTV live with attached USB drive, WD Elements, 1.5TB. The WDTVlive is in the local network (wired) and thus I can see the content of the USB drive in my home network. Now, if I copy files either from WinXP or Win7 laptop, the copied files have the correct timestamp, i.e. same as on PC, but _folders_ have the date of “today”. Pretty pretty annoying… since makes sharing/backing up of the data/photos rather useless

Firmware of WDTVlive is 1.04.17 but the same thing was before (for another firmware even worse, year 2000)

When you copy files, the files are really being copied, so no problem with the timestamp. Directories, however, are a part of the disk structure, and although you can (virtually) copy them, they are always being created new on the target drive. For example, a directory on a NTFS disk has a totally different structure than a directory on a FAT32 disk, so directories are not copied, but created on the target drive, and only the directory name is transfered. There are several tools that allow the manipulation of the timestamp, just google for one of them.