Folder created on one machine became invisible on another machine

I had a folder created on one machine which crash. Plug in My Book on my another machine, it was not there any more. I could save more stuff from the new machine but what I had from the broken machine was not found.  I could set security to everbody to MyBook as an external drive but the old folder was not visible.  When I set security, I saw it also set to the old folder but it still has access blocked.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Was this old folder created with backup software like Smartware?


According to my daughter, she “moved” files/folders to MyBook on XP Windows, which crashed now and

I connect it to a Vista. Could not see any those stuffs. New stuffs that I made from Vista showed up just fine.

Check out post 5 there are some links for data recovery software  Some are free and others are try and buy. That is you can recover a small amount and see if it works for you before buying.


It turned out  those disappeared folders/files were saved with file attributes “Read Only” & Hidden

and the current system has Folder options “Do not show hidden files and folders” ON.

To resolved the problems:

  1. Use Windows Explorer’s menu Tools/Folder options/View to turn ON  “Show hidden files & folders”,

    so that you can view them now.

  1. For each of those folders or files  right click the Properties menu and removed the file attributes “Read Only” & Hidden,

    click Apply for subfolders and OK to save.

  1. If you want to turn back on the original folder option,

     Use Windows Explorer’s menu Tools/Folder options/View to turn ON “Do not show hidden files and folders”