Folder content not showing on ipad

On my WDMyCloud I have 4 folders:
-Shared Documents
-Shared Music
-Shared Pictures
-Shared Vvideos

On my ipad I can see the contents of the latter three but the content (4 subfolders and 1 file) of the Shared Documents folder does not show. I tried refreshing and re-installing the app but no luck. When I add a new subfolder to the Shared Documents folder it shows up on my ipad. Can anyone helpme out on this?

When I create a new folder on my ipad and put a file in this folder on my Mac, this new folder disapperas from my ipad. 

Folder content does show on other mobile devices.

Thank you.

Check on the Dashboard and make sure the folders have media serving enabled.

Thank you for your reply. The Shared Documents folder does not hold any media files. Only docx, rtf and xlsx files.

Hi meh, I have had the same problem when I installed my Wd mycloud 4TB for the first time.
I uploaded some picture (+270) in one folder. I could see these files from the mac were I uploaded them but bot from Myphoto, the Wd application installed on my iPad (and also on the iphone 4s).

I shut down the WD and turned on again. Then I was able to see the pictures from iPad and iPhone.

It seem it was not updating the index of mycloud internal reposity. From that moment on I have had no more this issue.
I then uploaded more than 1000 pictures and its working but it takes hours to refresh its index. Be patient.