Folder content filtered as per request

I have 2 WD TV one in the living room while the other in the bedroom, and they are both connected to my home network. The WD TV in the bedroom has a local 2T HD hook up to it via a USB, this is where all my media files are located and I can access them on both WD TV and my computer.

On the WD TV where the HD reside locally, when I view a folder under the video option I only see the video content which is what I expect, however on the other WD TV, when trying to Access the Hard Drive via network share under video, I see the entire files including the video files without filtering out other files.

The question is how; under video access do I filtered non video files, when accessing a folder under the network share, as it’s filtered during a local access

Thanks in advance

The local content is managed via a media library, which is not the case with network shares.

This is a known problem and WD’s response (so far) is that to fix it *might* slow down the file access (so they don’t want to even try).

That’s very frustrating to me (my only issue with the Live) but we need more people to complain so that *perhaps* they might actually look into fixing it.

Thanks Mike, if it’s going to compromise the speed of the file access, I might just as well put them in a separate folder, right now the culprit is the movies Jpeg thumb, which is showing with the movies.