"folder cannot be accessed" error repeatedly


Just got a WDTV Live, and have not yet upgraded the firmware. But, have about 60 GB of music loaded on a Seagate 2 TB Free Agent drive from my Windows 7 machine.

The WDTV scans the drive, finds all the files, but does not allow me to play, for instance, all songs in a given genre. For example, if I select genre >> bluegrass and then hit “play”, I get the spinning circle and then “folder cannot be accessed” error.

This is hugely frustrating, as I often play music by tags like genre, etc…

Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks in advance for your help!


This may be a permissions issue with Windows 7.  I’d search the forum, I’ve seen plenty on this.

Did you find a solution?  Your issue sounds similar to mine, but still a bit different.  Please see my posting for details: