Folder background images and info

I’m trying to setup folders for TV and having problems with the background info and images (I’m assuming this is possible?).

Example of my TV folder structure is as follows

Television (network share)

TV (Folder)

Merlin (Folder)

Season 1 (Folder)

Episode 1 (File)

Episode 2 (File)

 (and so on)

Season 2 (Folder)

All episodes work a treat with Info, background images and cover art.

The folders for each season display the small image okay, but I would also like to display some background images and info on the series etc.

I have tried creating an xml file named Season 1.xml (Like you do for the files) but does not work? I just get the image for the folder i.e. season 1.jpg (and not the large one either).

Is there a way of achieving this?

Any help and advice much appreciated.


No, unfortunately not.   Folders are kinda ignored right now as far as special content goes…