Folder Artwork Problem

Slowly getting sorted out with all my media.  I’ve organised all my films into genre folders. Downloaded an image set for all my folders, and put a folder.jpg into every folder. Hub scanned this fine and all my genre folders now have a nice image.  I then populated it with films, and used the media server’s in built scraper to find all the movie data and covers, this went fine.

However, Some of my “folder.jpg” folder art has been over written by the first film in the folders artwork.  So for example,

Action is fine, folder artwork showing, all fims inside have their own artwork

The Scifi folder however has had it’s artwork replaced by Avatar’s (first film in folder).

This is slowly happening to all the other genre folders.  WHY!!!  It’s so frustrating to watch something you carefully setup, being destroyed for no apparent reason, while some other folders are fine, there’s no rhyme or reason to what it’s doing.

Solution :

The hub seems to use the very first alphabetical thumbnail it comes across, which is why the first film in the folders image is allways the one showing.

Renamed all my folder.jpg files to 1.metathumb, killed the thumbs folder in .wdtv and then hard rebooted it to force a media scan.  Voila !!!

Now I am a happy bunny

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