Folder appears empty

I have an older 500g WD Mybook external hard drive that I use for photo storage, etc. for my Mac. 2 of my folders

now appear to be empty. The folder shows up, and I am able to see files in other folders, but for some

reason all the photos, etc. are just gone. Any ideas on how the contents of just 2 folders can just delete themselves?

This is not the MyBook for Mac. One of the folders that now appears to be empty is the one that had the highest

volume of files and images. I have no clue what to do. When I ask for info on the folder, it tells me it is 0 bytes.

Empty. How is that possible without physically dumping the folder in the trash and emptying it? 

Thanks for any help you can give!


Hi, it is possible that some of your files are corrupted, Using Google you should be able to find several programs that allow you to do data recovery. You can also contact any of the data recovery partners con the WD support page.