Folder Access Problem

I have problems to access two folders on my WDWBE 500GB
The folders named id51681482 and id98604576, when you double click them to open them so ask them if the user name and password, it förlde not with anything in the box or software or manual that told me what the password should be, and nothing in the installation, the folders were there from beginning as someone who knows this problem may?

Grateful for answers

Ps. I´m attaching a pic of the screen Ds. fix problem.jpg

hi, i do not know wich password are you asking for but if its the default one its admin, as well as the user name

Hi Moon

No that dosent work it´s something else, the folders was there when i installed the NAS so i cant figure out why it ask for user and pass

have you tried resetting the drive using the reset button on the back of the device?

Hi there, this folders are not suppose to be messed with.

They’re not actual directories, for more info please check this  link

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