FLV sync issues driving me loopy!

I purchased a WD TV Live Gen 3 box yesterday to enable me to stream video from my mobile and tablet along with a WD USB external drive. After setting it up and allowing it to upgrade to the latest firmware I was excitied and plugged in my drive which as a few hundred files now. Unfortunately I have quite a lot of flv files and when I tried to play them I got mixed results.

A few played OK with a minor delay to the audio but nothing major. I then tried another one and it was a mess! The audio started out OK for the first few seconds, then it started getting ahead of the video! and the gap increased the longer the video was playing. I tried using the audio adjuster in the options but every few seconds I had to adjust it again and again and in the end it was ridiculous.

So I googled around, downloaded mediainfo and both the files that work and don’t are AVC/AAC. The audio stream is exactly the same. Sadly if I can’t resolve this it either means re-encoding hundreds of files or taking the WD TV Live box back!

Any ideas?

Just to clarify, I’ve tried this with 20 flv’s now and they all go out of sync! :frowning: