Hi all

The Flixter lookup feature is not working on my movies.

I bought a WD TV Live and a WD TV Play for my Partner for Christmas. I updated the firmware on both before doing anything, added the media source of my nas unit for movies, photos and music, and added my spotify account.

My movies consist of mp4, avi and mkv’s, and play well. The filename is just the full movie title with no other details. However, both units are not bringing the information from Flixster, if I click options and try there, it says ‘no info from database’, but, if I manually type in the movie name, I can get the details, but there is no feature for me to allocate/save them to the movie.

I have factory resetted both units in case there was soemthing lingering around, or it may have been something I did, but this did not work. I have a single media source, and have it switched on to on and auto, and even tried manual. I also stuck a formatted USB stick in the back

What should I be trying next?

intheuk wrote:


What should I be trying next?

Nothing, really… that’s all the Flixter Lookup does.  You can’t “save” the information to metadata.