Flixster & UltraViolet & WDTV Live SMP

**bleep** is wrong with these movie companies?

Having got used to getting digital download copies of my movies via iTunes; they now seem to have moved to their own system (Ultra-Violet).  So to get access to my legally purchased digital downloads, I have to:

  1. Create a Flixster account.

  2. Create a UV account

  3. Link my UV account to my Flixster account (accepting a load more dubious privacy policies)

  4. Create a mass of passwords & other security, read T&C’s by the bucket-load.

  5. Redeem my codes.

Great. So now, as I understand it, I can stream my movies through the Flixster streaming service & view them (streamed) on my iPad.  Wait a minute I thought - great - my WDTV Live SMP now supports Flixster. 

Imagine my disappointment therefore to find that I cannot actually use the Flixster app on the WDTV Live SMP to stream my movies stored on Ultraviolet.

Why do we bother, honestly.


Is the flixster app on your platform ever going to support linked Ultraviolet accounts?

Just Curious, have you looked at the Vudu account instead?  They are an UltraViolet distributor and their policy seems much less obnoxious.  

They have just teamed up with Walmart to let you get your “old content” into that ultraviolet system as well.  Take your old DVD’s to walmart and they will put digital copies on the cloud in your account.  

Of course there is a "fee " for that service…   http://www.vudu.com/disc_to_digital.html

Hope this helps.


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