Flingo YouTube

When I fling a 1080p Youtube video will it be 1080p on WD TV Live Plus?  

How are you flinging it?

With the fling bookmark at flingo.org. I got the videos to play in hd but don’t know if they are 1080p. I don’t know if it’s the add-on or the settings but here are the steps. I went into my YouTube account settings & choose the second option including play in hd when full screen. I have faster fox & faster chrome add-ons on my browsers. I search for a video & I see a hd logo under a video. I click the hd logo then click the video title. Once I’m on the page the video default is 720p so I fling the video by using the bookmark to my wd tv live plus. Tada hd YouTube!

I am also using the flingo bookmark and agree that the videos I fling from youtube to flingo are in HD. I am not sure if its 720 or 1080 but its definitely HD. I am using firefox 3.6.12 without any faster add-ons. I downloaded a HD video from youtube with youtube downloader HD and I could not see any real difference between the 1080p mp4 file and the flingo version.