Flexible backup

It would be good to add the following functionality:

  • Redundancy in compressed format rar or zip

  • Need ability to configure backup from external local network to NAS with the ability to specify the credentials to log on to a remote resource for subsequent backup specified directory.

  • The ability to create complete and differential backup with the format specified by the user name plus date and Creating brackets designation is complete or differential backup. Setting conservation development cycle the number of complete and differential backup to overwrite … For example create a complete on Mondays, and on the other days of the week differential backup. On the second Monday again create a complete archive, and for the remaining days of the week the difference…
    As a result, we have two weeks of the overall vision of change with the ability to restore to any of the recorded days. In the name of each backup name specified job creation date. I think everyone can easily arise the need of data recovery and the day before yesterday, for example. Because earlier loss was not detected. Or someone from the staff mistakenly deleted a file and noticed the absence of a few days. How to recover without backup for a certain period of time?

This flexibility is very lacking in WD Cloud Ex2… Have to subtilize attracting third-party services and computers … I believe that the backup mechanism is very is underfulfilled…

-It would also be nice to be able to do the same task multiple folders backup archiving each in its own archive with the folder name and date of creation of the backup in the title …

Sorry for bad English.
With kind regards and best wishes, Andr.Ru.


I hope you do not just read these ideas … A and work on them. Thank you for your work!