Flashing yellow light

out of nowhere my liveduo stopped connecting to my router, with flashing yellow light.
its kept indoors in an area with good ventilation.
I removed and connected directly to my laptop - after powering up and few resets I still get the flashing yellow light. I replaced the ethernet cable with a known working one (router to wifi access point) - and the wifi works with the previous cable - so that makes 2 good cables tried.

on the back of the device, i get no lights, same also on the laptop ethernet port.
Anyone have any thoughts? The device is about 3 years old so is this just a hardware failure?

What does the complete user manual for your device say the flashing yellow light mean? Manuals tell you these sorts of things.

My guess is it has something to do with the network connection, so if it was my device I would shut down the Duo, then reboot the router, and when it is fully rebooted turn the Duo back on and see how things go from there.

Thanks for responding.
the manual says that the light indicates a network cable not inserted; OR a thermal warning threshold exceeded. This is why I mentioned the location (indoors in an air conditioned house with good ventilation) and swapped network cables.
As I said, I tried connecting direct to my laptop (no router) so that’s not it either.

So, let the Duo unit cool for 30 minutes, then reboot router and Duo. When you reboot router first and then Duo second, see if things improve, and after Duo warms back up see if problem returns.

so i get (in order)
solid blue (power on)
solid yellow (boot)
blinking yellow (thermal threshold exceeded OR network cable not inserted)

at no point does the LED on the rear light up (networt activity) OR on the laptop

J have no idea. Contact WD Support.

LOL. WD support directs everyone to this forum.
I suspect I may have to junk it.
my previous WD NAS only lasted a few years too - starting to think Carbonite is the way to go. may not be cheaper but will be more reliable.

FYI, I am a user, not WD Support. I still suggest you give them a call. Also, see if any other users jump in here to help. Sorry I wasn’t much help to you.