Flashing Yellow Light

I am getting a flashing yellow light on my MyCloud. After reading the forums I tried another ethernet cable though it’s not something I have lots of anymore. I also tried the 40 second restart.

I don’t access the drive a ton, just usually let it run in the background but I actually did access it no more than four days ago so I know everything was running smoothly.

I may try to find a third ethernet cable or to reset again but I’m getting a little worried here.

More information would help. When did you first notice it blinking and what were you doing? What are the LEDs on the back doing and their color?

After a reboot or restart it normally takes three to six minutes to complete the reboot and turn blue, if it still works.
My front LED no longer turns blue. I have had mine for about three years.

I noticed last night when I went to add an additional laptop to the syncing. I’ve done the restarting and such this morning. Went in there now after 30-45 minutes and the light on the front is off, Ethernet light is lit and other light occasionally flashes

Did you resolve this? One of mine is doing the same.