Flashing Light on WD10000F032

I have a WD10000F032 External Drive connected to my Tivo. The drive started flashing its light and since then the TIVO won’t recognize it. In fact the TIVO won’t even start up when its connected. I attempted to research a solution to the problem but can’t find the answer. I can’t even find out what the flashing means. Does it mean there is a hardware issue? Is there a manual for the WD10000F032 that would tell me what the flashing means?

Looks like I can’t reply you post so I will edit the initial one. Yes I’m using an esata cable. But the problem I think is now hardware related. I’ve disconnected an reconnected the drive several times but the Tivo won’t get past start up. I talked to someone who is knowledgeable about external drives. He said that there is a chip in the drive that fails. Best advice was that this can’t be replaced so better of stripping out the drive and junking the rest. A pity because now my Tivo is down to only 160Gb.

Hello there,

How are you connecting the drive to the tivo unit? If it is with the Esata, try to turn off the tivo unit and then disconnect the Esata cable, then the power from the unit, then connect the Esata back to the tivo system and power up the drive then the tivo system and see if that works. hope this helps.