Flashing Green Light and No Access to Dashboard

Our network (Google Fiber) lost power on Sunday, and since then I’ve not been able to access my MBL. There has been a constant green flashing light. I’ve attempted restarting my computer, I’ve rebooted the drive, I’ve plugged it directly into the computer, and I’ve tried accessing it via the dashboard. All of these lead to nothing. Is there another way to reset the IP address? From what I’ve read, the flashing green light means it’s accessing files, but I can’t get in to see if that’s the case or to stop any programs using it.


Normally, a blinking green light is referred to activity on the unit.

You can try resetting the unit using the physical reset button on the back of the unit. Press and hold that button for four seconds and the unit will restart by it self.

Please see page 125 of the user manual about resetting the My Book live.

How are you trying to access the dashboard? By name or IP? What browser?