Flashing Green after loading data

I just finished loading up my 2tb drive with all of my data. In the shared folders I have all of my movies, music and photos. I also created a separate share purely for back ups. I let my computer run for 12 hours to back up everything including to the shared folders. In total I put about 600 gb onto the drive. When I went to access the shared media on my PS3 I noticed not all of the videos, pictures and videos were not showing up so went upstairs to check on the drive. Currently the status light is flahing green which according the user manual means the “unit is performing read or write commands to/from the Hard Disk (HDD)”. I am assuming the drive is indexing all of my media files and that this is expected behavior. Possibly if i check back in a few hours everyting will show up.

Anyone else had this experience after loading large amounts of media files to the drive in one day?

I think I’ve seen several people state that the drive indexes or otherwise reads picture and movie files once they’re added, so yeah, give it some time.

Good to know. I was a bit worried I had an intruder on my network when it continued to flash after I’d switched my laptop off.


I suppose you could just unplug the cat cable if you’re really concerned about intruders.  assuming all the potential legitimate users have shut down their computers.

It’s settled down now, must have been indexing. No intruders thankfully.:smiley: