Flashing Blue Power Light?

I’ve got a flashing blue power light constantly and then after a couple of mins it turns orange and starts all over again. If I unplug the power and put it back in - it works fine for a couple of mins then goes back to flashing blue.

I’m running the latest firmware so it can’t be trying to install new firmware - running: 2.11.142


Check all the physical connections on the unit. If stills the same, contact WD Support for direct assistance on this case.

Maybe this can help you.

Powering Up - Blue Flashing - Device is powering on or in the process of
updating the firmware.

Power Up (degraded) - Red Flashing - Device is powered up but the volume is

Action required - Yellow Flashing - A condition, such as a network cable has
become unplugged, which requires you to act.

Note: For non-compatible drives, the power LED blinks yellow during power up.

Extracted from My Cloud EX2 Ultra, User manual, Page 9