Flashing blue led

I have a 4tb box set up as a RAID unit which is no longer accessible via my router or connected by Ethernet cable to a laptop. The led is flashing blue very rapidly. I can’t find anything on the problem in a web search and wondered if anyone else had experienced this issue.
I’m wondering if I might be best biting the bullet and getting another box and moving my disks over to that. If the disks are ok, would that be feasible? Could I even buy an empty case for, say, an 8tb setup and use that or would it not be compatible?


Can you share the drive’s model and the operating system on your computer?


Using Windows 10 on laptop but NAS box primarily used to feed Cyrus Streamer via ASUS router. Unit is My Book Live Duo WDBVHT0040JCH-00.
If you need any more data, please let me know.
Many thanks.