Flac playback problem

Hi all

I have a really annoying FLAC playback problem, the track plays then at the point in the track it stops and then goes to the next track? It does not do it on all tracks in the album which were all ripped at the same time. It does it at different times for each track I have one that does it 10 seconds from the end of a 5 minute track.

The tracks play perfectly on the PC using VLC.

Is there a maximum bitrate that the hub will handle when playing FLAC files?

Anyone any ideas?



On the tracks that do that, does it do it at the same time, every time, on the SAME track?

In other words, is it, say, always 2:55 into track 3?  Or is track 3’s issue at random times?

Hi Tony

thanks for your reply.

Yes it does it on same track at the same point each time.

I’ve done a little further investigation and I think I have found that when listening on the PC at the time it would do it on the Hub there is a very slight “skip” (like what used to happen with needles on the old vinyl discs).

Not sure why it is skipping like this, as the CD discs are in pristine condition, probably happen during the ripping process? It’s annoying that although there is no break in the sound,  the hub translates this skip as a command to play the next track, yet VLC on the PC continues to play.

Apart from re-ripping the problem tracks, I’m not sure if there is something I can do on the Hub to tell it to ignore these skips.


That sounds like there might be a “Data” chunk in there, and the WD is choking on it.   Wouldnt’ be the first time the WD didn’t handle them properly, but most of the time, they do the OTHER symptom you describe:  a short burp of static and then normal playback.

There may be a utility out there that can pull those data chunks out, but I don’t have any direct knowledge of it…

Hi, I have the exact same problem. None of my FLAC music will play. All songs stop at a certain point.

Did you find any solution?

I don’t have a solution, but I do have a similar problem, if the information might help anyone diagnose what’s happening.

In my case, I have lots of flac audio on a uPNP media server (NAS box running freenas).

The WD TV Live connects to the media server with no problems, but gets the flac track lengths wrong for some files.   e.g. it gets a track which is 4’27" long, but reports it as being over 42 minutes, and plays 37 minutes of silence at the end of the music (at least, I think it does - I haven’t been patient enough to wait for it to finish!).  It seems to get the track length consistently wrong for the tracks where it has a problem.

The flac file is fine as far as I know.  If I play it on other media players, either directly from the filesystem, or by accessing it via the uPNP server, the track length is picked up and handled correctly.

Grateful for any ideas - or ideally the magic appearance of a firmware update to fix this!  :slight_smile:

If you are using a UPNP server and the track length is wrong, then it is most likely the UPNP server is providing the wrong track length.

That would tend to indicate a problem with the file, or the media server is not parsing the track length correctly.

What other players do is not relevant as they don’t use UPNP. Though I don’t understand the what you mean by ‘accessing it via the uPNP server’ as that is what the WDTV device is doing.

I agree, and I’d normally assume that was what was happening.  However, if I connect using other uPNP clients (e.g. XBMC) to the same uPNP server, the track length is fine.  There’s also nothing I can see in the file’s flac metadata which includes track length at all.

The WD TV Live is the only thing I’ve used which seems to be getting it wrong.