FLAC Playback issues *chirping*

I’ve got the WD TV Live Plus with latest firmware. I’ve recently been trying to play High Definition movies with FLAC audio tracks and find that quite a few of them contain loud “chirps” and “clicks” randomly throughout. I thought it might be the files themselves so I played them through my computer yet they played back flawlessly.

Anyone else encounter this issue? Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Can you upload a sample to sendspace or mediafire?

Unfortunately, I can’t extract the FLAC tracks from the file. I don’t have any kind of extraction software. I don’t know if you’re willing to use torrent software to troubleshoot the file, [Deleted]

Well, the link was deleted. There’s no way to upload it to anywhere else as it’s 5.33 GB in size.

The audio is said to be: English/Japanese 5.1 24-bit FLAC (~3468Kbps).

This one had quite a few chirps and pops in it, but not when I played it through my computer. It’s so bizarre.

On a slightly related note; OGM movie files also have been experiencing something strange like audio playing normal, but video will speed up and go out of sync with the audio. I don’t know what’s going on with these. It’s frustrating.

What container do the FLACs come in? To demux/extract you can use

MKV: MKVCleaver



I’ve never tried an OGM file.