Flac multichannel not supported?

Assumed that FLAC meant FLAC 100%, not half way :frowning:

Specs says it can do up to 8 channels…

Misleading advertising when it doesn’t say that multichannel FLAC not supported

Will this be fixed?

I don’t think it’s on the schedule to be fixed, but you can do a search (go to the Ideas forum – the link is above). 

If it’s not in there make sure you suggest it yourself.

I have multichannel FLAC MKV files I made with Handbrake and they play perfectly fine on both my WD TV and WD TV Live.

I have recently begun converting my HD-DVDs to MKV format.  My MKV keeps the original Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA, as well as any other audio tracks in addition to the aforementioned tracks converted to FLAC so that the WD TV can play them.

No, the Live doesn’t play ANY mutli-channel audio (other than stereo).

What it DOES do is to either convert mutli-channel audio to stereo (a very very different thing than the OT wanted) OR it passes through the DTS and/or AC3 5.1 multi-track to the decoding device (usually a receiver) for multi-channel playing.  It will not do this with FLAC multi-channel.

If you want surround sound on the Live you need to use either AC3 or DTS (and set the output to digital).