Flac file resolution: what's the design spec?

I have some flac-format rips of vinyl LPs (remember them?) which are 24 bit, 88.2 kHz. My WD Live SMP sees the files from my NAS and goes through the motions of playing them, but no sound is actually played. The same is true if I copy the files to a USB stick and plug that in directly. Reducing the flacs to 16 bit (using Audacity) made no difference, but a reduction to 16 bit and to 44.1 kHz results in playable files.

I could continue experimenting, but does naybody know what the design spec is with respect to the resolution of flacs that can be played?

I used to have a WD TV Live (can’t remember which generation) which played these same files until a firmware update seemed to put a stop to it doing so. This suggests that the limitation is not purely hardware based but also relates to the firmware. Is anybody from WD listening?


Maybe this is the limitation of the WD TV Live SPM? Contact WD for more precise information in this regards.

Also, I see that you are asking if WD is reading this, remember that this is a user to user forum, you will not see many WD Tech support here, or at least that is what the site administrator stated in one of his post; if you wish to talk to WD Support, you will need to call them.