FLAC audio files tagging? Apple Lossless

Hi, I already posted on my issue with the system displaying the FLAC files from Last track to first track  , instead of showing track 1 first . The filenames reflected the the tagging e.g 01 - Track1name 02 - Trackname2 etc.

I have now compared this to a group of MP3 albums and these display in the right order, I would be interested to hear of others experience with FLAC or apple lossless - I cannot get it to play M4A files at all , at least it plays FLAC files.

IS there a tagging solution that works with FLAC for the WDTV Live streaming?



For some reason, I have the same issue, I have renamed the files to 01 and 001 and still nothing…


Regarding the m4A files, I was able to play few of this files, where you got this m4A files? iTunes?

This issue also affects the Hub…   It must be quite a complex bug considering how long it has taken to correct it.

Hi , for M4A files I created these from FLAC using a dBpoweramp converter. I am going to try a sample of APE files tonight and see how the tagging works with them - fingers crossed! - Looks like FLAC tagging is buggy in the medialibrary code. Might try a few more options…

APE files - same as FLAC , displaying  wrong sequence , Last to First doh! . :cry:  GOing to see if there are any options on converting my FLAC to M4A (apple lossless) that I can use to make them play

Many thanks to Chizad for raising this as an issue - WD are now investigating. Please help raise awareness for this bug by voting (i.e. click the Arrow) to move it up the Agenda.  :smiley: