Fixing sound output sampling rate through optical

Hello , new to forum ;searched and found the realted subject but as the article is old couldnt post my question 

I have been looking up for a media player to run my FLAC files in CAR Stereo system so looking at WD Live in this aspect.

Since I will use the player for stereo sound  , video options are not so much important , will only get normal video output just to see the file name playing.

I will use the Spdif output of the WD Lİve and transfer the sound to my DAC device for further sound processing ,

my target is to play

16 bit 44 Khz ( CD quality) and

24 bit 48 Khz files format.

My DAC ( Audison bitone) optical input accepts  max 24 bit 48 Khz , anything higher is not accepted but lower is no problem. But some files I have will be 24 bit 96Khz.


1-  Is it possible to fix the frequecy sampling rate of WD to or untill 24 bit 48 Khz ?  I mean , in case of need ; Can it downsample higher then 24 /96 Khz to 24 /48 if requested once.  If yes do we need to arrange this setting on every startup.

2- Does anyone know / help about he Total jitter amount of WD Live ?

Thanks for any input 

you might be able to downsample but this will not be done through an application

you will need to search for software for that

don’t know about the total jitter part… Hopefully someone else will chime in