Fixed my Passport 1tb that was lit up/spinning but not in Finder

I went to DIsk Utility and “verify” and “repair” weren’t working. I could see the drive in the left hand column but it was partially transparent. I lost all the data on the drive which I may or may not have had to do if I had another portable drive with as much space, but i went to erace and make sure you cmd+click the drive in the left hand column as well as the the partition I guess that is below it in the lefthand column. The trick for me was having all of the drive “tree” selected.

At that point I was able to erase the disk, then verify and repair and it reappeared in my finder. If you’re interested in saving data off the drive you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’m not sure why this problem happened, but I’m definetly going to start “ejecting” the disk properly everytime. I was a perpetual unplugger.

I’m sorry if this information if allover the community but I saw a lot of people with similar problems and took the time to register to try and help someone else.

Thanks for sharing that with the community. 

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