FIXED: More free space than showing

This thread can be deleted.  I’m an ■■■■■.  Purely P.O.E.

New user/member here.  I have a question regarding the free space left on my 1TB My Book.  Earlier this week the power went out at my house while I was at work.  When I returned I rebooted my PC and noticed that ‘My Computer’ was reporting an extra 100GB or so on my My Book than I remembered.  I ran WinDirStat on the drive to see what the extra 100GB or so could’ve been, and it reported the same amount that I had remembered.  The properties of the drive say there is 682GB of used space while WinDirStat states that there is only 587GB.  Looking through WinDirStat it appears that everything is accounted for, so my question is… how can I find out what is taking up the other 100GB or so?  Any ideas?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.