Fixed all my problems with the WD Live HUB

First of all you need to unplug it from the wall and disconnect the network cable. The audio video cable can be reconnected to a replacement media streamer. No longer will you loose files or need to test your media files for playback issues. Network transfer speed will increase and you will no longer experience audio or video dropouts. No need to wait for newer degrading firmware. Experience positive upgrades with a new media streamer! Try a new one today!

I tried this with a Pivos Aios HD Media Streamer and am happy to report I now have 2. My WD Live Hub is being retired since only beta firmware is available. Hopefully someday or year the hub will be properly updated.

Best of luck with future update. I wish you beta testers all the best.

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I would say that your conclusions are a bit premature given that this player has only been round for a couple of months. However good luck, it looks reasonable.

looks good…

i have my eyes on the xtreamer prodigy 3d upgraded with android 2.2

it also has 7.1 audio passthrough

And has been offered for sale since about June…

They are only starting to kick out units in a few days, but they have been changing that every month.

You have to read the forums, it would really put you off, I know we complain about getting a peice of kit and beta testing it for them, but they are really taking the mickey there…

Pivos released the player with full of bugs. A rushed release if you ask me. When they send out new firmware updates which seems to be every other day, they don’t do a bunch of fixes like WD in one release but instead do just one single fix most of the time. I don’t think that’s the way to release firmware updates if you ask me, unless it’s absolutely critical. Also, a lot of fixes which need to be done can’t be fixed by Pivos but need to be done by Realtek. Waiting on a 3rd party will slow down the development even further.

The Hub probably looked as good before you bought one of them. The proof is in the puddin’!

It does appear to be a nice device and not too badly priced, think I saw it as 100.00 USD. Hey, I might give you a 100 for your old Hub if you wanna let it go…

Yeah, I was watching the Pivos discussion on AVS Forum…   The fact that it can’t play DVDs correctly (DVD menu selection apparently goes to unpredicable titles on the DVD, making TV series DVDs impossible to watch) is a show stopper for me, since 90% of my DVDs are TV shows…  (Over 500 ISOs.)